EuReCa is a project of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC).

In 2007, the ERC initiated a campaign for Europe-wide collaboration in a European registry to record and analyse cases of cardiac arrest. The establishment of a European resuscitation registry is intended to allow international analysis of resuscitation treatments in different emergency service systems. EuReCa is intended both to offer existing registries an option to collaborate internationally, providing a platform for joint scientific activities, and also to offer additional countries and regions access to the scientific opportunities available.

Limitations of EuReCa.

EuReCa is an initiative that is managed and financed by the ERC. Only very limited overall financial resources are available for it, and this limits the options available. The national registries and their representatives therefore have greater responsibility for the overall project.

strana: 22 : 26.8.2016. :

Trombolitička terapija akutnog ishemijskog moždanog udara Thrombolytic therapy for acute ishemic stroke
Autor: Aleksadar Klickovic / Organizacija: Zavod za HMP kagujevac
Објављено: 29.8.2016.

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